Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction on drunk driving charges or for domestic abuse could put you behind bars for years, deplete your finances with heavy fines and leave you with a criminal record as a felon.

Memphis criminal defense lawyer James M. Gulley and the Gulley Law Firm offer sound legal guidance for a wide range of criminal law matters.

Mr. Gulley has handled nearly every type of criminal case, from drunk driving to theft and murder trials. He has been a presence in the Shelby County court system for 20 years, with an established and respected reputation in the Memphis legal community.

Our law firm's founder appears in court on a daily basis and is recognized as a true trial lawyer with proven litigation skill by prosecutors and other criminal defense attorneys. This influence often works to his clients' advantage in plea negotiations.

Don't settle for being represented by someone who is inexperienced and learning on the job. Many defense lawyers even lack an office or secretary. James M. Gulley has everything you need. He handles his cases personally, bringing his knowledge, considerable resources and experience to bear in mounting a compelling defense. Contact our law offices to arrange your free initial consultation.

Gulley Law Firm In Memphis — Exceptional, Experienced Criminal Defense For Shelby County Clients

As your attorney, Mr. Gulley aggressively protects your rights when you face serious charges such as:

  • DUI — for traffic violations and driver's license suspension, with special emphasis on commercial driver's violations
  • Weapons charges — including unlawful possession and felon in possession
  • Theft and property crimes — from shoplifting to burglary, breaking and entering, and robbery
  • Drug charges — such as drug possession, drug distribution, trafficking, cultivation, importation, manufacture, sale and delivery
  • Assault and battery — including simple assault, aggravated assault, domestic assault and sexual assault
  • Domestic violence — when protective order violations threaten rights typically taken for granted such as possession of firearms, child custody after a divorce and immigration status
  • Probation violations — such as failure to appear in court or meet with a probation officer

James M. Gulley listens carefully to your side of the story, digs for the facts of your case, brings those facts to prosecutors' attention in skillful negotiation and, if necessary, presents your case persuasively before judge and jury.

Don't wait to select the most experienced defense lawyer you can find in the region. Act now to protect your rights. Prosecutors could already be mounting a case against you. Contact the Gulley Law Firm today by calling 800-655-9649 toll free or by email. James M. Gulley is available for clients 24/7 in case of arrest and emergencies. We will arrange for bond and procure a jail release whenever possible.