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Gulley Law Firm in Memphis, Tennessee offers advice and counsel across a range of legal matters, with a focus on providing exceptional criminal defense representation. We have handled nearly every type of criminal case, from DUI and driving offenses to domestic violence, murder and homicide trials. Our attorneys also have experience in a variety of civil matters, including personal injury claims, divorce and family law, commercial and business litigation, estate planning and probate, and bankruptcies. Please see our practice areas overview for additional information about our professional services.

Firm founder James M. Gulley has been a presence in the Shelby County court system for over 15 years, and has an established and respected reputation in the Memphis legal community. He appears in court on a daily basis, and is recognized as a true trial lawyer with proven litigation skill by prosecutors and other criminal defense attorneys, which often works favorably in plea negotiations. Mr. Gulley handles his cases personally, bringing his knowledge, resources, and experience to bear in mounting a compelling defense on his client's behalf. Our lawyers also work together as a team, utilizing the talent and expertise of every member of our firm to craft effective defense strategies. We recognize that our clients need support and understanding beyond simple legal guidance, and strive to accommodate our clients' needs in any way we can by providing flexible hours and meeting times, so that you will not miss work unless absolutely necessary.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime, or if you are facing another legal issue, please contact Gulley Law Firm for personal, locally respected representation. For criminal defense and personal injury matters, we offer free initial consultations.

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