Drug Distribution Attorney

Criminal charges for drug distribution in Tennessee are serious business — accompanied by seriously harsh punishments upon conviction.

Fortunately, Memphis drug distribution lawyer James M. Gulley is equally serious about protecting your rights, in and out of court. His Gulley Law Firm is your home for exceptional, experienced criminal defense representation when an arrest turns your world upside-down.

As your Shelby County defense attorney, James M. Gulley brings 23 years of trial experience, in-depth knowledge of criminal courts and a track record of success to your side. His investigative connections dig deeply for the facts of your case, circumstances surrounding your arrest and any sign that a Fourth Amendment right was violated during a search of your home or motor vehicle.

To increase your chances of putting this legal crisis behind you and returning your life to normal — not to mention avoiding jail or prison, heavy fines and a criminal record — contact Gulley Law Firm to discuss your case in detail and in confidence. Your initial consultation is free.

Gulley Law Firm — Exceptional, Experienced Drug Crime Defense Representation

James M. Gulley is skilled at negotiation with prosecutors and aggressive litigation in court when clients are charged with drug crimes such as:

  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Selling drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine
  • Intent to deliver
  • Drug trafficking
  • Importation
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacture
  • Possession and distribution of drug paraphernalia

Don't settle for being represented by a lawyer who is inexperienced and learning while on the job. Many defense attorneys in Shelby County even lack an office or secretary. James M. Gulley has everything you need for a favorable outcome. He handles his cases personally, bringing his knowledge, considerable resources and experience to bear in mounting a compelling defense. Contact our law offices to arrange your free initial consultation.

Call the Gulley Law Firm at 901-590-1340 or by reach us by email. James M. Gulley is available for clients 24/7 in case of arrest and emergencies. We will arrange for bond and procure a jail release whenever possible.