Drug Possession Attorney

If you face a serious drug crime charge such as marijuana possession or cocaine possession, or possession of a controlled substance such as heroin or methamphetamine, you need a skilled Memphis drug possession lawyer on your side — an experienced, exceptional criminal defense lawyer with an equally exceptional track record of success in state courts.

At Gulley Law Firm in Memphis, founding attorney James M. Gulley has aggressively, successfully defended clients against a range of drug-related charges, including cultivation and possession as well as delivery and distribution.

If your vehicle was stopped and searched, resulting in a drug charge and the threat of harsh punishments upon conviction, Gulley Law Firm thoroughly investigates the police conduct surrounding your detention, arrest and post-arrest interrogation, for any sign of law enforcement overreach and Fourth Amendment invasions of privacy rights.

When our hard work on all phases of your case has concluded — investigation, case preparation, negotiations and litigation if necessary — you will know that your rights have been protected.

James M. Gulley is available for clients 24/7 in case of arrest and emergencies. We will arrange for bond and procure a jail release whenever possible.

Gulley Law Firm Aggressively Protects Your Rights Against Serious Drug Charges

If convicted of drug possession in Shelby County or elsewhere in Tennessee, you face the possibility of a jail or prison term, heavy fines, a criminal record, separation from loved ones, strict probation conditions and damage to reputation as well as job and housing prospects.

Have serious criminal charges of drug possession, distribution, trafficking, sale and delivery, cultivation, importation, manufacture, smuggling, prescription drugs, party drugs or drug paraphernalia interrupted your life? Contact Gulley Law Firm today. Your free initial consultation with James M. Gulley could be an important first step in putting this crisis behind you. Call 901-590-1340 or reach us by email message.