Economic Crimes And Embezzlement Attorney Representation

Many individuals charged with economic crimes or embezzlement have never before been in trouble with the law. However, besides possibly resulting in prison sentences and large fines, accusations of such crimes often destroy careers and reputations.

At the Gulley Law Firm, we fight such charges and do all we can to keep consequences at a minimum. We have investigators and forensic experts who can testify on your behalf. Attorney James M. Gulley has 23 years of criminal law experience defending and providing exemplary representation for individuals charged with a number of white collar crimes in federal and state court.

Minimizing The Consequences For Alleged Crimes

The goal of criminal defense lawyers is to reduce or eliminate all penalties. By listening to your concerns, by taking every necessary step in preparing your case, and investigating every allegation and interviewing every witness, the staff at Gulley Law Firm has a remarkable record for success in defending individuals charged with embezzlement and economic crimes.

James Gulley understands the laws surrounding these sorts of crimes. Such matters often involve a complex set of facts and can concern both state and federal law. James routinely handles tax fraud claims and a variety of other white collar matters. It's his practice to proactively respond to any claims where the facts do not support the charges. His goal is to minimize the disruption that such charges can have upon your life.

Placing Your Interests First

When you retain us for legal representation, you then become our No. 1 concern. We will be there for you. The Gulley Law Firm has long provided criminal defense representation for residents of Memphis and Tennessee as a whole, and the firm plans on remaining where it is a many years into the future.

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