Criminal Defense In Shoplifting Cases

While shoplifting at first seem minor when it comes to criminal charges, a shoplifting conviction can become a part of your permanent criminal record and prevent you from pursuing a number of job opportunities. Since convictions sometimes remain on your record, it could increase the chances of being on probation — especially if another arrest occurs.

There are harsh penalties for theft in Tennessee. A conviction for misdemeanor theft can result in imprisonment and significant fines. When charged as a felony, the penalties substantially increase.

The goal of Gulley Law Firm is to reduce the consequences of shoplifting charges as much as possible. This begins by taking the necessary steps to keep information of a shoplifting arrest off of your record. It sometimes extends to fighting for your acquittal in a court of law.

Disposal Of Shoplifting Charges Through Merchant Restitution

Tennessee allows for a process known as merchant restitution in resolving certain shoplifting charges. Through merchant restitution, you may avoid prosecution by returning the object allegedly stolen and paying an agreed to amount of money in restitution to the merchant. Both the merchant and prosecution need to agree to the terms before courts allow merchant restitution to take place, however.

The advantage of the merchant restitution process sometimes means:

  1. Remaining off of probation for at least a certain period of time
  2. Avoidance of paying certain court fees
  3. The ability to avoid making a guilty plea

James M. Gulley is an experienced criminal defense attorney, represents individuals charged with misdemeanors and felonies in court on almost a daily basis, and can explain the process of merchant restitution to you in more detail. He also explores with you every option in dealing with shoplifting charges that do not involve pleading guilty.

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