Weapons Charges Attorney

A criminal conviction for a serious weapons violation in state court can put you behind bars for many years, drain your finances with heavy fines, establish a criminal record as a felon and control your future with strict probation conditions.

You owe it to yourself and your Tennessee family to avoid these life-changing penalties — and James M. Gulley can help you.

The Memphis weapons charge lawyer who protects your rights in Shelby County is the founder of Gulley Law Firm, James M. Gulley — for 23 years he has been an aggressive, successful advocate for clients facing a broad range of firearms offenses.

Weapons charges, including unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon, illegal gun possession and carrying a concealed weapon, can have serious consequences and affect your right to own or carry a gun for life. Gulley Law Firm skillfully assists defendants with fighting weapons charges, which may involve Fourth Amendment search and seizure issues.

When your constitutional rights, freedoms and future are at stake in a weapons violations case, contact Gulley Law Firm to arrange your free consultation.

Exceptional, Experienced Weapons Charge Defense Attorney James M. Gulley

Have you been arrested for and charged with one of these gun-related offenses in Memphis or Shelby County?

  • Unlawful possession of a weapon
  • Possession without permit to carry
  • Felon in possession during commission of a crime

Don't settle for being represented by someone who is inexperienced and learning on the job. Many defense lawyers even lack an office or secretary. James M. Gulley has everything you need. He handles his cases personally, bringing his knowledge, considerable resources and experience to bear in mounting a compelling defense. Contact our law offices to arrange your free initial consultation. Call 901-590-1340 or reach us by email.

Mr. Gulley is available for clients 24/7 in case of arrest and emergencies. We will arrange for bond and procure a jail release whenever possible.