Knowledgeable DUI Lawyer Representation

The consequences of an arrest and conviction for DUI are high. Penalties sometimes include jail time, fines and loss of driving privileges. In any circumstance, a conviction can have long-term future consequences regarding your personal life.

Attorney James M. Gulley has 23 years of legal experience, represented clients in more than 250 trials, and tried more than 100 of these cases in front of juries. Whether charged with a first-time DUI offense or have had a number of prior convictions, the services and advice he provides are invaluable. He's willing to put in the time and effort to provide you the most valuable defense.

Memphis Lawyer With Tremendous Experience In DUI Defense

There are many different aspects to DUI cases, and that's why these matters are particularly challenging. There are questions of whether law enforcement officers had probable cause in pulling you over or whether an appropriate arrest properly took place. Issues arise as to whether there was proper administration of field sobriety or blood and breath tests. The validity of blood or breath test results is often debatable. There are also a number of other evidentiary matters requiring exploration.

Attorney James M. Gulley tries cases nearly every day in criminal court. A large percentage of the hearings he tries involve DUI charges. He keeps himself informed about every aspect of this practice, including changes made in the Tennessee Criminal Code. He can counsel you regarding the consequences of refusing to consent to field sobriety, blood or breath tests. And rather than limit your options to making a plea deal with prosecutors, James has an outstanding reputation as a litigator and can fight for you in court.

Providing You The Answers You Need

No one requires the services of an attorney more than someone charged with a crime. When facing DUI charges, James M. Gulley provides you frank and insightful advice. To set up an initial consultation with him, contact Gulley Law Firm by calling 901-590-1340.