Memphis Traffic Violations Lawyer

There is no substitute for the experience lawyer James M. Gulley brings when defending you in traffic violation cases. Besides having the privilege of trying Tennessee criminal defense cases for 23 years, he continually tries traffic violation cases almost every day in court. Mr. Gulley knows how to negotiate for a better deal with city and county attorneys. He works toward the best resolution of your matter.

The Consequences Of Traffic Violations

Though the consequences of traffic violations may at first seem small, the price of ignoring these violations is potentially large. Besides fines, traffic violations sometimes lead to the suspension of all driving privileges. For a commercial driver, this can mean the difference between making deliveries and being out of a job.

There are all sorts of traffic violation matters ranging from speeding to seat belt violations to accusations of reckless driving. Sometimes charges arise due to the subjective observations of a police officer. In other instances, a traffic stop came about due to entrapment.

James Gulley understands the necessary steps to prevent a license suspension from occurring. He pays specific attention to the facts of a traffic stop while challenging the findings of arresting officers. Being familiar with the technology law enforcement officers use when conducting traffic stops, he challenges the findings based upon inaccurate readings or due to the violations of your rights as a driver.

Finding The Right Resolution To Your Traffic Violation Matter

Sometimes the most effective strategy for resolving traffic violation matters concerns avoiding conflict with prosecutors and judges. James Gulley knows how to reduce charges or keep the charges off of your driving record. This often results in lessened consequences.

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