Commercial Driver's License Violations

A CDL (commercial driver's license) violation such as a drunk driving, reckless driving or distracted driving arrest could result in a suspended CDL and a serious interruption for your professional driving career.

In Memphis and Shelby County, commercial driver's license violations defense attorney James M. Gulley and Gulley Law Firm aggressively protect the rights of those who drive for a living, whether you are a Tennessee resident with your own trucking business or simply driving your company's semi tractor trailer, 18-wheeler or "big rig" through our state.

James M. Gulley has extensive experience — 23 years of it — representing commercial truck drivers who have been accused of drunk driving or other crimes, and truckers who are in danger of losing their commercial driver's license (CDL). These cases are often complex, due to a number of federal regulations that govern the commercial trucking industry. Gulley Law Firm works hard to ensure that our clients keep their CDL and maintain their livelihood.

Exceptional, Experienced CDL Violation Defense Lawyer James M. Gulley

Are you facing charges of driving a commercial vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Are you awaiting trial in criminal courts for a DUI accident that caused serious or fatal injuries while you were on duty as a commercial trucker? Are you dealing with the consequences of being pulled over by law enforcement for a shifting load or license plates that were not current?

Gulley Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to help you in any way we can, in ways that take care of your legal issues without requiring you to return to Tennessee. Contact James M. Gulley today for a free consultation by calling 901-590-1340 or sending an email. Mr. Gulley is available for clients 24/7 in case of arrest and emergencies. We will arrange for bond and procure a jail release whenever possible.