Legal Representation For Those Injured In Truck Accidents

Having tried hundreds of cases in Tennessee civil and criminal court, attorney James M. Gulley knows how to litigate truck accident and personal injury cases. James has been representing individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents for 23 years. He's represented truck drivers in a variety of criminal and civil matters and understands their perspective when it comes to accidents. The knowledge and skill he's accumulated in trying these matters he puts to use for you.

Catastrophic Nature Of Trucking Accidents

The consequences of truck crashes are generally severe and often involve multiple numbers of vehicles. Injuries received in such accidents include brain injury and trauma, severe neck and back injuries, including paralysis, third-degree burns, broken bones, lacerations and even death.

While the consequences of truck accidents are obvious, the cause of such accidents can be complex. Sometimes truckers are untrained or unprepared to operate trucks with substantial loads. Speed sometimes plays a factor in crashes. It's often difficult to negotiate curves in big rigs when traveling at excessive speeds, and these vehicles are often difficult to bring to a complete stop. Poor maintenance is sometimes to blame for crashes where trucking companies fail to inspect the vehicle to see if everything is operating properly. Finally, employers often ask truckers to work long hours and this can result in fatigue while operating trucks.

A Law Firm That Understands How To Prove Liability

The Gulley Law Firm handles every sort of trucking accident, including those involving tractor-trailers, semi trucks and other 18-wheelers. We understand the approach that trucking companies will take when defending themselves in truck accident cases. Our office has access to experts who can testify on your behalf. We know how to prove liability in these cases and how to hold all parties accountable, including trucking companies and their insurers, in these matters. We also make certain that any compensation package received meets all of your needs.

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