Wrongful Death Legal Representation

Nothing is as heart-wrenching as the loss of a close relative or friend. Besides dealing with grief, you will need to make certain the family is cared for. You will also need to deal with a number of expenses while putting the affairs of the deceased person in order.

The Gulley Law Firm will be there for you. We fight for all of the compensation for which you are entitled. Our law firm has at its disposal economic experts who will testify on your behalf regarding your loss. And attorney James M. Gulley understands Tennessee law, the deadlines courts set, and the requirements for recovery under wrongful death claims.

Paying Personal Attention To Your Wrongful Death Case

James Gulley's personal injury representation and litigation experience is unmatched. He is in court nearly every day, and he knows what case strategies will and will not be successful at trial. Often, he travels out of state to depose experts. He thoroughly investigates your matter and prepares each case like it was going to court.

James Gulley also understands the pain you have suffered due to your loss, and knows what damages are recoverable. He makes certain any settlement offer meets all of your needs. His service assures that immediate requirements and the long-term needs of the family of the loved one are taken care.

Experienced Wrongful Death Lawyer

Recovery in wrongful death cases is largely economic based. Proper handling requires skilled trial work and the ability to question and cross-examine experts. James Gulley has been trying these cases in Memphis for 23 years. As his reputation for trying cases is well-known, opposing parties often settle these cases rather than go to court.

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