Protective Order Violations

If you have been accused of violating a protective order obtained by an alleged victim of domestic violence, you risk not only jail time and substantial fines if convicted, but attacks on rights that many of us take for granted — the right to own a firearm, to retain child custody rights if you are divorced and the opportunity to stay in the U.S., depending on your immigration status.

Clients dealing with protective order violations in Memphis and Shelby County can expect aggressive protection of their rights — exceptional, experienced criminal defense representation — from attorney James M. Gulley and Gulley Law Firm.

James M. Gulley is a skilled, dedicated lawyer whose deep belief in your rights and two decades of trial experience can shift your life in a more positive direction. He has access to investigative resources, harmonious relationships with prosecutors and the ability to present persuasive cases in court on your behalf. He works hard to help you avoid the range of life-changing punishments you would face if, for instance, a weapon was in your possession during a protective order violation, or continued domestic violence included a theft or assault.

Don't settle for being represented by someone who is inexperienced and learning on the job. Many defense lawyers even lack an office or secretary. James M. Gulley has everything you need to increase your chances for a favorable outcome. He handles his cases personally, bringing his extensive knowledge, considerable resources and experience to bear in mounting a compelling defense.

Memphis Restraining Order Violation Lawyer With 23 years Of Experience

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