Legal Representation Regarding State Sales Tax Law Violations

It's difficult to keep track of the numerous provisions governing Tennessee sales tax and reporting requirements. Unfortunately, failure to abide by the tax laws often results in penalties being implemented for tax fraud and tax evasion charges. These penalties can be extremely harsh.

Attorney James M. Gulley handles a number of state sales tax law violations every year and works toward limiting or eliminating penalties for everyone he represents. Individuals come to him for representation due to his reputation for professionalism. Tax lawyers who lack the criminal law and criminal defense experience to handle these cases themselves refer clients to him.

Understanding Your Rights In Tax Violation Cases

It's important to understand that charges of state sales tax law violations ultimately could result in criminal penalties. Depending upon the enormity of the allegations, penalties for convictions include significant fines and prison sentences. However, like any other criminal case, prosecutors must prove there was a sales tax violation occurrence before there is implementation of any penalties.

James Gulley routinely represents individuals charged with crimes in Shelby County Court. He also understands the sales tax laws we have in this state, and the defenses that prevent prosecution from occurring.

James takes a proactive approach to defending your case. He advises you on what steps would be best to negotiate for the best possible settlement. At the same time, he's entirely comfortable in trying your case in court.

The Gulley Law Firm works with accountants to determine the amounts of taxes actually owed. We listen to your concerns and make certain you understand the nature of the allegations brought against you. It is our goal to resolve your matter in the best ultimate manner.

An Experienced Memphis Criminal Defense Attorney

It's advisable to always have an experienced attorney on your side anytime you are facing allegations regarding violations of tax laws. Please contact Gulley Law Firm for an initial consultation by calling 901-318-3712, or calling us toll free at 800-655-9649.