Understanding Breathalyzer And Blood Tests In DUI Cases

The outcome of a DUI arrest often revolves around results of Breathalyzer and blood tests. While the outcome of these tests sometimes means the difference between conviction and acquittal, test results vary depending upon a wide variety of circumstances.

Attorney James M. Gulley understands how to try DUI cases. Mr. Gulley comes to court prepared and keeps himself updated on current DUI trends. He studies the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration guidelines and particularly understands those guidelines specifically devoted to field sobriety tests and Breathalyzer and blood tests.

What The Numbers Mean

For Tennessee residents 21 years or older, a blood alcohol reading of .08 percent or higher leads to a DUI arrest. For anyone under the age of 21, .02 percent is sufficient to be charged. A reading of .04 percent is enough for a commercial driver to face DUI charges.

While penalties vary depending upon the kind of reading, even a first-time conviction for DUI possibly leads to jail time, significant fines and penalties and license suspensions of at least one year. It also means that you may need to have an ignition interlock device installed upon your vehicle to have any sort of driving privileges whatsoever.

In recent years, challenges regarding results of breath and blood tests have arisen in courts. Possible problems in the manner in which blood samples were tested or breath tests administered resulted in questions about the validity of such tests. There have even been cases regarding consent requirements before the administration of blood tests take place.

It's therefore essential to speak to knowledgeable lawyers regarding Breathalyzer and blood tests. James Gulley has been providing DUI defense to clients for 23 years. It is his practice to analyze results, question the arresting officers regarding the conducting of tests and making certain there is protection of your constitutional rights.

Know Your Rights

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