Lawyer Keeping Your Driving Privileges In Tact

The experience and knowledge lawyer James M. Gulley bring to traffic violation and driver's license suspension cases keep drivers on the road. These driving privileges are especially important for commercial drivers who make their living operating motor vehicles. It's impossible for a lawyer to know all of the different rules of the road in Tennessee without continually trying these cases. Mr. Gulley tries these cases sometimes two or three times a day.

Keeping Traffic Violations Off Of Your Record

The No. 1 cause of a driver's license suspension is having too many traffic violations on your traffic record. Other causes include convictions for more serious traffic violations such as a DUI offense, failure to provide proof of insurance following a car accident, or a failure to pay traffic fines or parking tickets.

At Gulley Law Firm, we know the steps to take to keep you on the road and your driving privileges intact. We negotiate with local prosecutors and do what is necessary to keep convictions off of your record. In certain instances, we will fight charges in court if it means allowing for you to continue driving.

Making Certain Your Traffic Matter Is Not Overlooked

Every driver's circumstances are different. However, all of us need to have a mode of transportation so we can pick up our groceries and visit our doctors.

It is our goal during traffic violation cases to keep you on the road. We review your record and pay close attention to every detail to make certain your license is not inadvertently suspended.

When representing you, James M. Gulley meets all deadlines and addresses your needs and concerns with county attorneys. He works toward providing the best possible resolution for you.

To arrange for an initial consultation, contact Gulley Law Firm at 901-318-3712, or toll free at 800-655-9649. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Memphis.