Accidents Involving Police And Municipalities

Municipalities are responsible for keeping their citizens safe. While it's not possible to eradicate every danger, local governments need to keep the streets safe from hazards and not take actions that greatly increase the chances of personal injuries occurring.

The Gulley Law Firm holds police departments and municipalities accountable for their actions. We help you seek compensation from these entities when injuries occur and make certain any compensation package meets all of your needs.

What Is Municipal Liability?

There are many kinds of municipal liability claims made against cities, counties or states. Sometimes such cases arise when the risky actions of police or other officials result in avoidable injuries. In other circumstances, local governments fail to address a dangerous situation or adequately put the public on notice that a dangerous condition exists — thus resulting in injuries. As municipalities often create and maintain our parks and roads, these entities are responsible for injuries occurring due to faulty construction or maintenance and failing to warn individuals about existing hazards.

Attorney James M. Gulley is not afraid to take Tennessee municipalities on when injuries occur. He understands personal injury and products liability law. And because of 23 years of experience as a lawyer in the municipal liability area, he intricately understands the process required to recover against municipalities.

The Kinds Of Representation We Provide

The Gulley Law Firm handles many different kinds of claims against police and municipalities, including:

  • Defective roadway or building construction resulting in accidents and injuries
  • Accidents due to a failure to properly maintain roadways or governmental buildings
  • Slip-and-fall accidents occurring on city sidewalks or streets
  • Motor vehicle accidents caused by police of other governmental employees
  • Injuries caused by improperly operating traffic signals or failure to provide traffic signals or traffic signs
  • Railroad and municipal bus accidents
  • Accidents involving police misconduct
  • Failure to properly warn of imminent dangers in the community
  • Other governmental conduct resulting in injuries

Municipal Liability Attorneys In Memphis

In the event an accident occurred due to the fault of municipalities, contact the Gulley Law Firm by calling 901-318-3712, or calling toll free at 800-655-9649. We offer free initial consultations. There will also be no fee without recovery.