Heating Pad Accident Attorney Representation

While generally regarded as a safe household product, there are a number of dangers in using electric heating pads. The Food and Drug Administration has long noted reports of injuries from use of electric heating pads. These include injuries and deaths from burns, electric shocks and fires that started as a result of the use of the heating pads.

Experience In Trying Heating Pad Accident Cases

The Gulley Law Firm, located in downtown Memphis, has on many occasions represented individuals injured by such items. We are an experienced products liability firm with the resources to take manufacturers on in defective product cases. We also have experts working with us who understand the operation of heating pads and the safety standards that these companies must abide by.

Attorney James Gulley first brought defective heating pad cases against manufacturers a number of years ago. He was surprised to learn how common it is for heating pad injuries to occur. The dangers of heating pads are particularly applicable to infants who may be unable to remove the heating pad when it causes burns. Since he is one of the few personal injury lawyers across the country to successfully try these sorts of cases, his representation has been sought in other states besides Tennessee.

Steps To Take In Avoiding Heating Pad Injuries

Should you have a heating pad in the home, there are certain steps to take to avoid injuries. These include:

  • Inspecting the heating pad before using it to make certain it is in working order
  • Returning the heating pad to the distributor if you notice any problems
  • Never placing the heating pad on an infant or any disabled individual
  • Always unplugging the heating pad when not using it
  • Never using metal fasteners in keeping the heating pad in place

In the event that an injury does occur, please call 911 for immediate medical assistance. Also, keep possession of the heating pad until an experienced products liability attorney has an opportunity to arrange for an inspection of the pad in question.

How To Contact An Experienced Products Liability Attorney

Contact the Gulley Law Firm by calling 901-318-3712. You can also reach our law firm by calling toll free at 800-655-9649. We offer free initial consultations and will charge no fee unless we recover compensation for you.