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Products liability cases are extremely complex. While lawyers establish damages in these cases in much the same way as any other personal injury claim, proving fault often tends to be challenging. To prevail, the injured party needs to show the product was defective and that the defect resulted in an injury.

Defective products claims often involve suing manufacturers who have at their disposal large legal staffs. Also, there needs to be proof that the product in question actually caused the injury. Finally, much of the information regarding the product is in the hands of the defendant manufacturer.

Gulley Law Firm, in Memphis, knows how to try products liability cases. We have access to product engineers who can determine whether products are defective. Also, James M. Gulley, with 23 years of litigation experience, knows how to try these sorts of cases.

What Is A Products Liability Case?

Products liability claims arise when companies defectively manufacture or design products. Sometimes the fault is obvious. However, there are a large number of circumstances where it's difficult to detect whether any defect actually exists, or whether any defect in a product was responsible for an injury. Sometimes manufacturers also fail to warn of dangers in using the product, and such failures to warn also lead to injuries.

We aggressively pursue such claims. Our staff establishes whether the product caused the injury. We also review all product documentation to determine whether defective design or manufacture of the product took place.

Attorney James Gulley's reputation for success in Tennessee is due to hard work and great attention to detail. Having tried cases for as long as he has, he knows how to prevail in court. He prepares your case, lines up and prepares experts to testify and examines and cross-examines every witness at trial.

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